Hello friends today i will tell you about how to save your water damaged cell phone with a unique remedy yeah you can save your water damaged cell phone with rice.i know it sound like pretty crazy to save our cellphone with rice but believe me it works.Usually when we get into such situation we do not think to repair our cell phone and just run toward cell phone shop and either buy new cell phone or pay dollers to repair it by some mobile doctor.My cousin just dropped his iphone into toilet and i made him happy by solving his problem with rice.what i have done is i have placed his mobile into rice jar and the next morning there i got awesome reaction ,his cell phone was alright.Comparing this way of  giving life to water damaged phone is very cheap and easy to use and best part about all this is that there are 110% chances that your cell phone will become okay as it was before.For instance suppose you have water damaged blackberry mobile phone all what you need is uncooked rice in a jar  or zip lock or polythene bag that not allow air to come inside the package now drop your cell phone in the bag or jar in order to dry  the moisture of your cell phone.Most important thing please keep yor battery out while doing this remedy.

First pace a layer of uncooked rice in the bottom area of jar and then put your mobile phone and put another layer on the mobile phone with rice now your mobile phone is in the middle of two rice layers after all this close your rice jar or the bag in which you have placed your mobile phone with rice and thats it.Next morning after at least 12 hour open the jar and you wil find a complete dry mobile phone with no more water inside ..

Hpe this article will help you to save your water damaged mobile phone .

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