How to make your laptop or computer fast on windows 8,8.1 and 7
January 21, 2016

How to make your laptop or computer fast on windows 8,8.1 and 7

Hello guys today i am going to show you about how to make your laptop or computer faster on windows 8.1,windows 8 and windows lets start with following steps.

1.ADJUST YOUR POWER SAVING SETTINGs:To do that we will use our keyboard or mouse and on the top right corner we will click on search button then we will click on search by settings instead of search everywhere and write in search box  and type (power ) and here click it and change your power saving setting to (high performance).i will help your pc to improve its battery timing plus its speed.

DEFRAGMENT AND OPTIMIZE DRIVES:To use that technique we will again go to right corner and hit on search and again choose search by settings instead of everywhere and type in search box (defrag) and hit enter there will be resulat with name of (DEFRAGMENT AND OPTIMIZE your DRIVES) click this result and click on the windows c drive and select on optimize drive box and thats it .This will also defenately increase your pc speed.

DISABLE UNWANTED PROGRAMES:TO do that we will go in the task manager.To get a task manager all we have to do is to click on the bar in the bottom area and right click and in options select task manager and now in this program we will go in the startup section and disable all unnecessary files you do not want to run on your system it will give lots of energy to your pc for solving speed problems.

CLEAN UP MEMORY AND UNNECESSARY TEMPORARY FILES:The first thing we gonna need to do is to right click on windows in bottom area of left side and click on the (run ) then you will see a search box after clicking on run button write in the search box(%temp%) and hit enter there you will see hundreds of files which are making your computer slow but you dont need to woory this will not harm your personal data or games or softwares you need .This process will show only files which are not of any use so select them all and delete them.

2.Again we will go to startup windows button and right click and then select (run) and after hiting this button we will now write only in the box section (temp) and press enter and here you will again see some files mark them all and delete them.

DISK cleanup:Disk clean up is also a way to spped up your computer but first you have to make sure that there is nothing personal data stored in your c drive because it will damage and delete all your personal data from c drive so there is risk in this way but on the other hand it can make your pc much faster as you experienced it on first day of use .

Hope my article will help you in solving pc problems you can get and solution from us through your comments.

Here is the complete tutorial of pc speed up tips in form of video





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