BEST TIPS to protect your skin in winter

Hey viewers today i am gonna tell you about most useful winter skin lets start….


:In the winter it is very important to exfoliate because your skin because your skin gets dry.You can buy exfoliator but i recommend you to use brown sugar and little amount of cleanser you can mix these ingredient togather and it work as an amazing exfoliator for your skin.It will work greatly on your dead skin and dry winter skin and your skin gonna looking very glowing after using it and best part about this exfoliate is that its smell is very good.


you can also make easily scrub with brown suger and vitamin E for your lips.S0 just one vitamin E capsule with a little tiny bit of brown sugar and thats gonna make a really nice moisturizer  exfoliate for your lips because you also make wanna sure exfoliating your lips in winter because they tend to become very dry and this is very gentle way to exfoliate your lips with this remedy after applying on lips clean it with a a tissue paper and thats it now you dont need to worry about your lips.


You can also buy a hydrating mask from market but i recommend you to use yogurt for this purpose.keep it in your refrigerator .Yogurt contain lectic acid  whick is very very gentle natural exfoliate for your skin and it smooths and hydrates your skin.It is very amazing and most people have.Apply this on your skin for about 5 to 10 minutes and wash it off.It is great hydrating mask for the winter time.


You can use hydrating oils available in the markets and it is my favorite because you skin tend to be really dry in winter and these hydrating oils are best for your dry wintery skin because it keeps your skin very nourish and moisturize  so apply it in the day and before going to sleep.


This tip is very simple and easy to use.You can use humidifier or vaporizer at night while you are going to sleep but my favorite is vaporizer you can get it easily from market and you can buy vaporizer for round about 10-15 bucks .It can make your room temperature awesome and also fantastic for your skin in winter and it keep its job of hydrating  your skin.Just switch on this vaporizer before going to sleep and thats it .


Please do not ever forget your hands and feet in winter season and they really get dry in the winter so use balms and lotions and wear socks and gloves even when you are sleeping because they can save your hands and feet from dryness and make them soft.


Do not put away you sunscreen because you can still get damage you skin so make sure you are using sunscreen every single day putting it on your skin in the morning protecting your skin from damaging sun rays.

So these are my winter skin care tips hope this will help you to protect your beautiful skins from winter skin problems.

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