AUGUST 14,2015

Friends Today I will tell you about different bodybuilding techniques.

Rule of bodybuilding:When a person do workout his musle get a  space in itself and become bigger and when this person eat some diet the diet directly reach in the muscle to fill that space…

Your stomach  will first give energy and proteins to your targeted muscle and later it fulfill the needs of rest of body.There is a common proverb about bodybuilding diet “EAT MORE TO GAIN MORE” …

If we say that bodybuilding is most expensive and royal game of the world then it is right to great have to eat and endure pain more then a normal person,but when  results come you forget all what you have suffered in this journey.People like you.You don’t need to pick up any girl instead everyone will try to pickup you and be friendly with you on the account of your extraordinary personality due to your perfect bodyshape.Now lets talk about  ways of body building.

There are usually 2 process in bodybuilding

1.For muscular


2.For weight gaining


Now lets talk about the first term

For muscular:There are lots of people who want muscular body instead of heavy weights.For this purpose you should increase the number of reps and the key to this rule is that you have to do workout as fast as you can in order to fully pump your muscle.For each set you should do atleast 15-18 reps.

For  weight gaining:There are lot of people who start their workout in order to gain some weight.Teens also join bodybuilding for weight gaining.For gaining weight you have to lift as much weight as possible .There is a proverb “lift more to gain more” You have noticed that bodybuilding champions like Arnold,Jay cutler have massive body weights .How this was possible for these champions?The truth behind that was they lifted a lot of weight in order to make their muscle gaint size,so if you want to gain weight you have to lift more weight with little of reps per should do 4-5 reps in a set with heavy weights.

Very important:Always give your muscle rest of atleast 30 seconds after a set

Hope my article will help you in achivement of your goal, best of luck