Hairstyles for Different Face Shapes

Do you want ever from your hair stylist in the salon with your desire celebrities photo asked exact hairstyle? After getting an exact haircut you wondering why you are not so familiar with that style? It’s not because your salon staff doesn’t aware of this type of haircut actually this haircut does not make for your type of face shape. So you rock daily with your personal haircut,

Your face shape should be determining

different face shapesYou should ask yourself what is my face shape? Most people make a common mistake when they judge their face look type. The shape of the face likely is oval, rounded, heart, square. For determining your face stand up with the front of mirror pull your hair back & make outline which type of your face shape.

Here is the guide best hairstyle for oval face shape

If a face length is longer than width this face consider as oval, you are in luck if your face shape is oval. This shape is determined for haircut most suitable shape a lot of various hairstyles. Keep your hair away from the face is the best practice to look beautiful. If you want fashion trendy then go for side swept bangs. It looks like a celebrity. Also, try easily twisted side bun

When making haircut for oval face, try to clear and clean face as possible. Avoid keeping your haircut as one length this haircut make your face appear longer.

Heart shaped face hairstyles

With narrow chin wider at hairline and temples slightly pointed. A prominent feature of heart shape face is forehead. You have killer cheekbones if you have the heart-shaped face. Pull your hair up with the high top knot (space buns), loss curls looks super, beautiful, elegant feminine face shape.

Balance your haircut with shoulder length feature tends to look best. There are a flutiness and sexiness that every woman wants in the USA .tell your stylist to do trim bangs vertically expect straight across.

Hairstyles for Square Faces

Forehead Jawlines and cheekbones are almost the same widths in square shape faces, are quite wide. The prominent feature of square shape face is jawline. Avoid blunt hairstyles or overly solid bangs for square faces.  Forgetting soft touch try curls.

Here is a video guide for square face shape haircuts

Round face Hairstyles

These types of shape faces are pretty much same in length and width. It is also called usually babyfaces. Be happy it means you look younger. There is the lot of styles for round face take you to the next level. Take care of that when you go for the haircut of round shape face select hairstyle which gives the look more oval. Leave the little portion of hair on one side of your face is a quick trick. This will give the visual impact that your face is narrow.

A short pixie cut with volume at the best looks astounding on round face shapes, as it includes surface and points, without looking unforgiving. Look at the instructional exercise underneath to figure out how to make excellent high braids with augmentations.