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Health is wealth is a common proverb.Everyone want good health in busy life of today.But it is not possible for everyone to give so much time to healthy activities like gym and exercise.We  can also improve our health with a good diet.If you maintain your diet then you are going to target 50% of your goal so here I am going to tell you what you should do and what you should avoid in your daily diet routine.

First of all drink as much water as you can in your daily routine it keeps you away from many problems and it make your face ever green looking.Don’t drink too much  cold drinks because these cold drinks can make you fatty and it also decrease your body calcium level so try to avoid cold drinks as much possible.Don’t smoke ever.your life is very beautiful gift by God so don’t spoil it by giving it doze of dangerous smoke .Smoke cause lots of dangerous deseases and cancer is top list disease produced by smoke.Try to eat salads 3 times a day to maintain your calaories and metabolism rate .Have a sticky routine of daily bath once before going to your job and once after you return home .Always drink at least a water of glass before taking a shower to avoid blood pressure problems.Don’t try to sit all the time on the chair instead even you are doing a job you should work in your office in standing position it will prevent you from being fatty and it will always keep you fresh looking,you noticed that whenever you enter into a hotel first thing you experience is the receptionist’s counter they always remain in standing position and the reason behind this is that they do so in order to remain active and fresh.Never try to eat fast food like pizza burger etc instead if yoou are really fond of these foods try to make them at home with some healthy things like you can make a burger with vegetabel’s salad and you can add so many healthy things in making these fast food at home.

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