Hi, companions today I will inform you concerning how to spare your water harmed PDA with an exceptional cure definitely you can spare your water harmed wireless with rice.I know it seems like really insane to spare our cellphone with rice yet trust me it works.Usually, when we get into such circumstance we don’t think to repair our PDA and simply keep running toward PDA shop and either purchase new PDA or pay dollars to repair it by some versatile doctor.My cousin just dropped his iPhone into the can and I made him upbeat by taking care of his concern with rice.what I have done is I have put his portable into rice shake and the following morning there I got the marvelous response, his PDA was alright.Comparing along these lines of giving life to water harmed telephone is extremely shoddy and simple to utilize and the best part about this is there are 110% possibilities that your PDA will turn out to be alright as it was before.For example, assume you have water harmed blackberry cell phone all what you require is uncooked rice in a jug or zip bolt or polythene sack that not enable air to come inside the bundle now drop your mobile phone clinched or bump so as to dry the dampness of your phone.Most essential thing please keep the yor battery out while doing this cure.

To start with pace a layer of uncooked rice in the base zone of the container and afterward put your cell phone and put another layer on the cell phone with rice now your cell phone is amidst two rice layers after this nearby your rice jostle or the sack in which you have put your cell phone with rice and that is it.Next morning after no less than 12 hours open the jug and you will locate a total dry cell phone without any water inside.

Hope this article will help you to spare your water harmed cell phone.