Now Charge your cell phone with your talk

Presently you don’t have to connect to a charger to charge your cell phone since now cell phone will accuse of our talking rather than the charger.Scientist of South Korea has designed such gadget with the assistance of which you can accuse your cell phone of the assistance of air vibration turning out from your mouth.

This gadget change your voice into power and vitality so by this your wireless won’t turn off while you need to converse with somebody shape long time so now the battery low or dead issue won’t turn into an obstacle in your way you can talk as long and as much as you need on the grounds that your battery will be at charging mode while you are conversing with somebody.

The most astounding thing about this is battery can charge rely upon the clamor of your voice f you converse with somebody on the cell phone with a noisy voice then your battery will charge inside no time mean everything relies upon the uproar of your voice.