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hello friends how are you today we will discuss about the importance of vitamin b in our body it is the most important articles among i have written before and in this article i will tell you some benefits you do not know about the vitamin b .

the deficiency of vitamin b cause the blood pressure disease.

vitamin d is very important for the health of human bones and the especially it is of great significance when we talk about our dental health it is like a main ingredient in the health of out teeth.

according to a latest research the deficiency of this important vitamin cause laxity in our muscles and veins of our whole body espesialy the upper structure of the body is wholly disturbed by this vitamin.

heart attack is another problem seem to have accur by the lack of this vitamin.

the main reason of this this provide our heart ciriyon which make it possible to pump the blood quite accurately but by his defficiency heart can not perform its functions properly.

another research was made over the patients of blood pressure and it was amazingly found that they have clear deficiency of this vitamin which is afcourse a nother proof of the importance of this neccessary vitamin.

and one other thing that is examined during this experiment was that when they were given vitamin d to great extent they feel better as compare to their earlier state.

over 45 year men and women choosed for this experiment and this reson that was found after all this was that vitamin d become deficient with the age and we can only handle this situato we we provide our body this vip vitamin in a proper and best manner by different means by medicines or natural things like fruits and vegetables andd milk,eggs etc but i being a doctor suggest you to choose the natural way because it is the best and perfect .