Top 10 Best and Easiest ways to Keeps yourself Fit and Strong

There is no doubt about benefits of exercise.Exercise can help you to lose weight,it can save you from the host of ailments like Diabetes,Heart diseases.Being a heaalthy and fit also make you mentally strong.

Here are some tips to keep you Healthy and active for daily work

1.Have a walk in or out the home

2.Try to make your work hard.You have to say good bye to energy saving activities.

3.Always eat healthy diet

4.Keep yourself hydrated.Drink as much water as you can.

5.Have a routine of regular exercise.

6.Make a best routine of your daily work and try to follow it on regular basis.

7.Take a good bed rest of at least 7-8 hours daily.

8.Involve some enjoyable activities in your daily work to make yourself cool and calm.

9.Avoid smoking and all other drugs.

10.Make a diet plan according to you BMI(BODY MASS INDEX) .If you are facing some diffuclties about your BMI .Just type in goolge BMI check and hit searh button you can fing lots of websites providing BMI check services.

Hope my articles will help you in getting your goal.

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