14 Popular Street Food Recipes You Can Make At Home

Street foods

Street foods are one of the latest parts of traveling and experiencing a city! But once you get home what’s a longing heart to do when you can’t find the similar types of taste in your town? Achieve cooking street food from around the world at home of course! We’ve achieved the street food menu ideas and recipes you required!

1. Perfect Southern Fried Chicken


One of my all-time dearest remembrance of living in Georgia was walking around with a paper bag of piping hot fried chicken at festivals. They also did big turkey legs in the same manner that my husband adored!

2. Authentic Street Tacos


Nothing strikes a homemade grain tortilla for that perfect taco.

3. Vegan Bao Buns with Pulled Jack fruit


All of us should loop down to the brilliance that is these vegan bao buns. Made with dragged jack fruit and homemade fresh bao buns, these look like heaven in a little!

4. Korean Style Popcorn Chicken


This chicken is a flavor crush on a street food classic that you have achieved to try tonight.

5. Tandoori Chicken


Roasting chicken is a classic Indian street food dish. While it’s traditionally brilliantly red on the streets, but that is only from food coloring and not necessary to create it at home.

6. Dominican Chimichurri Burger


These salty and spicy burgers are going to knock your socks off at the dinner table tonight.

8. Filipino Lumpia


These Filipino lumpia is the tastiest street food snack around. We are sure you are going to love every bite of this.

9. Mexican-Style Street Corn


This corn is the terminal in carbs and all the sauce, perfection on a cob.

10. Beef and Chicken Satay


These beef and chicken satay are a major Indonesian street food, and simple to make at home.

11. New Orleans Food Truck Fries Recipe

Take the taste of new orleans home. These food truck fries are here to claim the title of new type of the snack foods!

12. Drunken Noodles Recipe


Aspiration a flavor of Thailand. This drunken noodles recipe is sure to create lunch or dinner even more delicious today.

13. Moo Ping


Popular on the streets of Bangkok, Moo ping are a Thai street food snack you do not want to miss. You have achieved to try these tonight.

14. Street Cart Fries


Never settle for regular previous french fries again. These street cart fries are the new latest thing around.