5 Destinations Within And Around Kasol


It is situated in the Himalayan foothills. Kasol is a tourist destination that includes UNESCO’s renowned heritage site The Great Himalayan National Park, the stunning Naggar Castle, the Parvati Valley The Bijli Mahadev Temple, as well as many other temples and sites. destination.

It is awe-inspiring with the incredible natural beauty of its green hills, and crisp blue sky. There are numerous things to see such as Tirthan Valley, Pulga Village along with Chalal Village. These, and to mention the few coffees which are now Kasol Tourist spots such as Moon Dance Cafe, River View Cafe, Evergreen Cafe along with Buddha Place, to name some.

Kheer Ganga Peak:

One of the most stunning places to visit In Kasol, Kheerganga showcases the stunning beauty of the green hills and clear sky. The sanctuary, situated on the eastern edge of the valley of Parvati is a mix of blue skies and green hills. An excellent opportunity for those who are new to the area to experience the Kaheer Ganga tour is considered to be one of the easiest tours to Kasol. Don’t let this adventure slip out of your grasp too quickly. Make the most of it and embark on the destination.

The place of Shiva the Kheer Ganga has mythological stories surrounding it. You will hear when you visit this Lord Shiva Temple. The trip is full of delights for you to enjoy a hot water dip! You can sit back and relax as you enjoy the hot water that is within the ice and eases your muscles tired.

Manikaran Sahib:

It is believed that it has been visited by the very first Sikh chief of the religion, Guru Nanak, Gurudwara located in Manikaran Sahib is one of the most revered tourist destinations in Sikhism, and is among the top locations to visit in Kasol.

In connection with many legends, the hot springs here are considered to be sacred. This is the reason why the offerings of God here are prepared in these hot springs and eaten as sacred. Additionally, bathing in the well is believed as a spiritual and ritual act connecting the person to God. With these blessed and sacred customs and traditions associated with this location, you must visit it the place when you are in Kasol the next time.

The Parvati River:

The Parvati River is located at the foot of situated on the ManTalai Glacier, the calm waters of the Parvati River are among of Kasol’s most sought-after tourist attractions. A river that flows north of the Parvati Valley and then flows to the Beas River near Kullu. A chance to step away from the hustle of daily life for a bit You can hear the silence of the rock as the water is drained. While the area isn’t ideal for recreation The tranquility and mystery of the place is worth a trip.

You can check your hands when you are fishing and bask in the sun while your legs are submerged in the half-frozen river. Enjoy a day in the park’s natural beauty while taking in stunning views and deliciously prepared food.

Tosh City:

At an elevation of 2,400m above sea level, Tosh is a village situated on the Tosh River. It is located on the edge of Parvati Valley. Tosh is a pristine area located in Kasol that draws many visitors from across the world because of its beauty and natural beauty.

The journey to Tosh begins at the base of Kheerganga and is among the most scenic routes in the valley. you trek through Tosh’s Rivulet Tosh. Tosh is a stunning sight. Tosh is stunning during winter when the snowfall on the trail and around the edges of the village gives you a an idea of the place in our ideal of Paradise. The peaceful beauty of the place is unparalleled and that’s the reason why Tosh and the visit to Tosh should be a part of your trip to Kasol at the very least once in your life.

Kasol Adventure Camping:

Kasol is often referred to as being the “Amsterdam of India,” providing you with the opportunity to reconnect with your own wanderlust and inner wanderer. The self-sacrificing camp of Kasol is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure for nature enthusiasts and the perfect way to kick off the weekend.

  • Kasol Adventure Camp Kasol Adventure Camp is provided with an Alpine tent that has standard baths and Swiss tents that have clean basins attached.
  • The basic amenities are readily accessible at the campsite including electricity backup, electrical socket for home maintenance, and room service.
  • At check-in, you can greet your fellow guests and enjoy a variety of games such as Badminton or chess. Ludo at the hotel.
  • It is required at least two people to book a trip.
  • The food offered by the camp comprises breakfast as well as dinner.
  • Visitors are allowed to park their vehicles at a pre-determined parking area on the campsite.
  • A magnificent night of DJ music and a starry sky will be yours to enjoy.