Fashion Modeling Is the New Way of Living Life

fashion modeling

What is fashion modeling? Not everyone is very clear about such a profession. Many are confused and mistakes this profession as a work that promotes adultery.

Modeling is wearing clothes or accessories to display them to prospective buyers. One can either be a foot model for lotions commercials, a hand model for hand-wear jewelry promotion, or a complete model for exhibiting designer clothes.

But indeed, the contestants sometimes have to wear tempting wardrobes, as it is not their choice. They wear what their designer made for them, but it depends on them to decide if they are comfortable taking part in such modeling. There are many types of models, such include:

Fashion Editorial Models:

You’ll see these models’ faces in the band magazines such as Vogue and Elle. Considering the brand name and magazines, these women earn high pay. People working in such a field have to maintain their unblemished skin, which can be expensive as branded skincare products are of high price.

Runway Models:

Models who pose to exhibit clothing by walking down a narrow path-like stage. In becoming a runaway model, there are some conditions one has to fulfill; the contestant has to be of the height of 5’7 to 6’0 and should have a killer proto-file.

But finding the right fashion model agency is also challenging, as some of the agencies are not professional and can take advantage of one vulnerability. Becoming a runaway model also requires a perfect face, slim body, and posing skills.

Swimsuit & Lingerie Models:

Contestants in the age group of 16 and above can sign up for such modeling. But many agencies prefer girls of 16 and above because of their youth and beautiful days. However, the participants of short height for runaway are signed up for such modeling, as Swimsuit & Lingerie exhibition requires short and petite women.

fashion modeling

Commercial Models:

These agencies hire models to shoot the product for sale. Such models are bound to have posing skills and should be photogenic. Moreover, they must have several poses in their head to shoot them.

Fitness Models:

Models who work for athletic and fitness companies to promote their product falls in the category of fitness modeling. Women of height 5’4 to 6’0 are required, whereas men with the stature of 5’10 to 6’0 can work.

But the condition of being a fitness model is that one has to be physically strong. The body should be well maintained and toned so that the promotion of the product is more effective.

Parts Models:

Men and women with perfect hands, legs, and other regions in the body can work as parts models. These modeling agencies require people with ideal body parts, like hands for lotion commercials or feet for shoe advertisements.

That was it for types of supermodels. Let’s talk about the changes in the fashion modeling industry over the past few years. The slogan of my body, my choice, and the trends of women and men embracing their bodies, agencies over the past years, hired women and men that are certainly plus size.

Such a positive step in these industries has given people of every gender and body a new hope that they can also pursue their dreams without changing themselves. Recently, modeling industries have hired women with vitiligo (a skin problem when pigment-producing skin cells die or stop producing melanin. Such results in pale white patches on the skin)

Winnie Harlow, a 27-year-old model with vitiligo, has become an ideal model for everyone with such a skin problem.

The field of fashion modeling, no doubt, is effective in earning high pay. It requires a lot of patience and hard work because not everyone can be Gigi Hadid. But if you wish to follow your dream of becoming a fashion model. Do not wait. Go for it.