Top Offbeat Himalayan Treks


The mountains of the Himalayas are famous all around the world. Trekkers and travelers from different corners of the globe visit Himalayas to seek thrilling experiences and challenges on the arduous trails of Himalayas.

Although the Himalayas are known all over the world, there are several treks in the Himalayas which are lesser known and thus can be explored and cherished. There’s a quaint curiosity for exploring the unexplored and seeing the unseen. Here’s a list of the best offbeat trekking destinations in the Himalayas to satisfy quench your thirst for adrenaline:

Hre are the top offbeat Himalayan treks

  1. Hampta pass trek

Starting from Kullu valley in Manali, the trails take you to the Hampta Pass and then Spiti valley. Throughout the trail, the landscape is extremely diverse and dynamic. The scenery changes and there are several landforms from verdant meadows to river banks and snow lines. It is a 6-day long trek with a maximum height of 14,035 feet. The best time to visit Hampta pass is from mid-June to mid-October. It is reviewed as a moderately difficult trek so it can be undertaken by both beginners and experts. 

2.Brahmatal Lake trek

A trek to the frozen lake, the Brahmatal lake offers unmatched views of Mount Trishul and Nanda Ghunti. It is one of the offbeat treks in the Himalayas that offers the greatest experiences.

It is one of the few treks in the Himalayas which are open during winters. It is an easy trek that could be completed within 6 days and is not very challenging in terms of physical exhaustion. The height of the peak is 12,250 feet. December to February is the best time to visit it so you can see the frozen lake and walk on the magical ice sheet. 

3.Kalicho pass

Kalicho pass is the rawest trek on the list of Himalayan offbeat treks. The trek starts from Bhadra. This trek is extremely rugged and physically challenging. It requires physical as well as mental strength to get through. It requires prior permission from the Banni Mata temple to undertake the trek.

Every year only 3 batches are allowed to cross the path. It is a 6-day trek that is rated moderately difficult due to extreme gradients at certain places. The highest elevation is 15,840 feet. The thrilling height and challenging trail are complemented by gothic history that makes it more intriguing. 

4.Sandakphu trek

Walking from India to Nepal while experiencing the united landscape and cultural similarities between the two nations is what the Sandakphu trek entails. Sandakphu trek encompasses trekking through two countries and cherishing one of the world’s highest peak’s sight such as Mt. Everest, Sleeping Buddha and Mt.

Kanchenjunga. The trekking route is geographically diverse including mountain peaks, ridges, dark alpine forests and bamboo forests. It is one of the treks whose destinations offer a rewarding sunset and sunrise view. Its maximum elevation is 11,900 feet and it’s accessible throughout the year. It takes 7 days to finish the trek and thus, it is reviewed as a moderately difficult trek. 

5.Rupin pass trek

Rupin pass trek is one of the most offset treks in the Himalayan mountains. It starts from Dhaula and the trail takes you to 15,250 feet. Rupin pass waterfall is the highlight of this trek. Although it’s one of the best treks in India, it remains low-key known among the trekkers and is still an offbeat trek.

For the majority of the trek, Rupin lake will be your companion. The trail leads up to Rupin waterfall which is mesmerising scenery. After the waterfall, it opens up to a wonderful and vast snow field with various mountain peaks in the background. It takes 10 days to complete and is rated moderately difficult to very difficult trek due to the prolonged duration and terrain of the trek. 

6.Kashmir Great Lakes

Starting from Shitkadi and trekking up to a height of 12,800 feet this trek is one of those treks that teach you a lesson of patience and perseverance. It takes 8 days to complete the trek.

It is ranked as a moderately difficult trek because of the continuous walking and rugged long stretches of terrain. Kashmir Great Lakes trek is often called the most beautiful trek in India.

It takes you through the scenic beauty of the Himalayas, five alpine lakes and the picturesque valleys of Kashmir. Nestled in the lap of serene and peaceful nature this trek is a paradise for the senses and the mind.