Li-Fi the Alternate of Wi-Fi

Li-Fi (Light Fidelity) is a wireless communication technology same as Wi-Fi. Li-Fi works as visible light communication (VLC) source.

The attractive thing this technology uses ordinary lamps so that no need for special communication devices. Li-Fi hundred times faster than Wi-Fi. It speeds up to 224 Gigabits per second & uses a mercury gas discharge lamp and gives lower energy cost.

As you know LED, S using the most common source for lightning in houses nowadays so they are giving new ways to link gadgets like mobiles, tabs, laptops for better bandwidth faster internet speed 100 times as compared to Wi-Fi. VLC witching the current to lead sat at a very high rate.


There are other Li-Fi benefits it can be used in hospitals, the aviation sector, nuclear power plants the area of the electromagnetic sensitive zone. Li-Fi uses similarly 802.11 protocols. Vlc tech was presented in 2012 with Li-Fi. In April 2014 Stins the Russian company discloses the development of a Li-Fi wireless name beam caster local network.

Stins current data transfer rate at 1.25 GB per second & they plan increasing speed up to 5 GB per second. Dubai Telecom Company Du and Zero1 are going to introduce Li-Fi in Dubai. According to Du, the data rate would be 224 Gigabit per second.

Du and Zero1 are testing Li-Fi as different aspects. This technology, ll boost du,s network portfolio. Du says they give this to our Industry Customers, Municipal and commercial clients. Li-Fi is also used for Media, Video streaming as well as audio demands.

Executive Vice President of Network Development and operations Du, Saleem ALBlooshi Said’ World Li-Fi market may reach $80 billion by 2021. And U.A.E sees the incredible demand for Li-Fi in upcoming years. We are working with major businesses to that ensure this thing our clients are fully satisfied with this technology and solutions.  According to Du, this technology can motion detection geolocation and camera networking with street lights.

Led Bulb:

Li-Fi shows the field of technology inventions never stops. Li-Fi transmits technology as light instead of radio waves. Basic work criteria are simple to understand an LED bulb can be blinking on and off for generating signals.

The interesting thing light bulb flickers billions of times a second the human eye, can’t notice the light bulb flicked on/off. There is some disadvantage the technology coming up with benefits. Li-Fi signals cannot go ahead through another wall so you need to have a wired led light bulb in another room as well.