The Best Monsoon Trekking Routes in India


The monsoon trek is one of the most rewarding experiences that one can experience throughout their life. You can see and feel nature in the monsoon time.

You can reenergize yourself with nature’s fresh air as well as the greenery. The aroma of rain acts as a medicine for your body, and it revives your spirit. There are many locations in India where trekking is thought to be to be a bit difficult in monsoons. However, for those who are trekking during monsoons, these amazing sites are worth a trip. The stunning beauty of these sites is not often noticed in the regular schedule. It is also possible to visit the valley of flowers.

The trek can be challenging, however, trekkers are eager to visit the trek sites during monsoons. We can view an array of flowers that is beautifully sprayed by raindrops. The mountains appear clearest and most beautiful in the rainy seasons. The vibrant color of the hills shows the fact that the real beauty of an area lies in the mountains, away from the bustle of cities. Monsoons offer us amazing views. The vegetation is lush while the hills appear lush. You can easily be captivated by the sheer beauty of the Himalayan Mountains.

Below is the list of treks that you should go to during monsoons in order to make your monsoon season more charming.

Triund Trek, Himachal Pradesh

Kangra district in Himachal Pradesh is where Triund Trek is situated.

Both Indian trekkers, as well as foreign tourists, increasingly make use of this Triund Trek as a popular trekking destination. Because of recent advancements in connectivity to networks, as well as accessibility this location has grown in popularity. The elevation of this trip is approximately 2,828m.

Many people visit this area every year to experience the tranquility and rejuvenate the natural beauty of the area. There are numerous stunning views from the Himalayan Dhauladhar Mountains that can be seen from this area. There are also a number of tourist attractions close to this trekking route, making the area more popular.

Valley of flowers Uttrakhand

As its name implies The Valley of flowers is full of flowers blossoming throughout the valley. It is situated in the West Himalayan region of the state of Colorado. The elevation is as high as 3600m over sea level. The blue Primula is a flower that is rare and is found in the valley, which is the reason why this valley is renowned. It is among the most beautiful hikes around the globe that attracts a lot of tourists to its beauty year after year. It is known as ‘Phoolon ki Ghati’ in India. The starting point of the tour can be found in Haridwar and it takes about six days to complete the trip if you wish to experience the nature of the valley along with you.

Kashmir Great Lakes, Jammu, and Kashmir

The trek is situated within Sonmarg, Jammu, and Kashmir. The place is so beautiful that you will feel as if you’re out of India. There is a lake called Vishansar Lake that is called the lake that changes color. The duration of the entire hike is seven days and six nights. The distance of the trek is approximately 72 km. The difficulty is moderate. Narang is the last stop on the trek. There are several waterfalls along the way, which are the beauty of the hike.

Beas Kund, Himachal Pradesh

Another monsoon hike is that is located in the Manali region within the state. The trek takes you to the Beas river’s beginnings which flow through Manali. The walk takes you to many picturesque spots as well as lush, green fields that are sure to astonish you. Three to four days are required for the hike. The entire walk you’ll be surrounded by the old deodar trees. On the path to the trail, There are two grasslands, Bakarthach in the west and Dhundhi.

Pin Parvati Trek, Himachal Pradesh

A few of the more difficult treks within Himachal Pradesh is the Pin Parvati Trek. It is thought to be a challenging hike. Its stunning beauty will help you forget the challenges.As you travel across The Spiti Valley and Parvati Valleys, you’ll observe the mountains covered in snow. Before you fly to Mantalai Lake, which will bring your senses back to normal and help you adjust to the breathtaking landscape in Thukarkuan along with Mantalai. The much-anticipated Parvati Base Camp and Pin Base Camp greet you with their rocky and snowy terrains.

Hampta Pass Trek

Anyone who loves mountains and is looking for adventure in them should think about this Hampta Pass Trek. Its lower elevation is appealing to both amateur and novice mountaineers.A trekker can hike the trail up to an altitude of about 14000 feet. Acclimatization is not needed. The tour starts in Manali’s scenic region and will take visitors to stunning and special locations, including Chikka which is the tour’s initial destination. In addition, the extended Rhododendron, Oak, and Pine regions will be explored by hikers.. On the route are an important river called the Hampta River. People as well as goods are transported by the river.. It is used as a bridge for the residents of Hampta for travel across the river to Lahaul as well as Spiti Valley.