Best Time to Visit and Complete the Itinerary for Sar Pass Trek.


Sar Pass is 14,000 feet above sea level. It is one of the easiest treks in Himachal Pradesh. No previous experience is required to undertake this trek in Himachal.

The Sar Pass is a 48 km trek in Himachal Pradesh. Hiking trails wind through pine forests, snow-capped mountains, spectacular meadows, and some of the most breath-taking scenery. Sal pass trekking allows you to explore the wild and exotic vegetation of the Himalayas. Don’t miss the pink rhododendrons that dot the road. The Sur Pass is a great hike for beginners. Suitable for those who want to experience all types of terrain. The trek starts in Kasol, which attracts backpackers from all over the world and many tourists on weekends. Many of them are urban youth who crave a bohemian lifestyle. To cater to tourists, the stores are well stocked with essentials and luxuries.

 There is a wide range of accommodations, from budget accommodation to luxury hotels, with Israeli, Continental, Indian and Chinese cuisines to choose from.

Sar Pass Trekking Itinerary

 DAY 1-  

From Kasol to Grahan village | Hiking through rhododendron forest

 Duration: 4-5 hours | Altitude: 7,700 feet / 2,350m

 The Sar Path trek starts in the center of Kasol and follows the right side of  Grahan Nallah. The trail is easy, well-used by locals, and can easily cover a good distance in a few hours.  After  Grahan Nallah the road becomes rocky and climbs uphill through a rhododendron forest away from the right bank of the river. The rhododendron petals can be eaten whole, and the syrup can be diluted with water for a refreshing drink. After about an hour of steep climbing, the village of Grahan is the last village of the trek and will be the last village in the future. No cell service. Overnight in a tent in Grahan.

 DAY 2— 

Grahan to Mung Thach | Follow the trail through dense trees

 Duration: 4-5 hours | Altitude: 11,150 feet / 3,400 m

Wake as much as a lovely view of the snow-capped mountains.  After a hearty breakfast, we begin our climb towards Mung Thach from Grahan, north of the campground, via a trail commonly used by locals.  After trekking for a while, you will see Mung Thach, Nagar, and Sar top on the right side of the mountain. Hike steep trails that lead to densely wooded forests. The steeper the slope, the more difficult the road. After passing through the forest, we arrive at today’s destination, Mung Thach. From here you can easily see the Chandrakhani range and other prominent Himalayan ranges. Overnight at a forest camp in Mung Thach.

 DAY 3 –

Mung Thach to Nagaru |Enjoy the first snow

 Duration: 5-6 hours | Altitude: 12,500 feet / 3,810m

 Enjoy the cool breeze in the morning. Afterwards, start your trek from Mung Thach through the forest to Nagar. This is the hard part of hiking. The slopes plunge into valleys and the snow becomes slippery.  After several hours on a steep slope, you will arrive at the Nagaru campsite. Look north to see majestic mountains overlooking the Parvati Valley and the beautiful city of Manikaran.  Overnight at camp in Nagar.

 DAY 4 — 

Nagaru to Biskeri Thach (6-8 hours) | Stand at the top of the 13,800 ft Saar Pass.

 Duration: 6-8 hours | Altitude: 13,800 feet / 4,205m

The climb in the snow is steep, so start early. Once you reach the top, you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking views of Sal Pass and the towering peaks of the Tosh Valley. Spend a few moments upstairs to appreciate your accomplishments and capture the moment with some great photos. After that, you have to slide down Biskeri. This is very exciting and completely harmless as long as some precautions are taken.  The slide continues for up to 1 km down the gentle slopes of the valley. After an hour’s walk, cross several streams to reach the valley and finally reach the  Biskeri Thach campsite. Overnight stay at Biskeri Thach.

 DAY 5—

Biskeri Thach to Kasol via Barshaini | End your trip with a bag full of memories of a lifetime

 Duration: 4-5 hours | Altitude: 10,950 feet / 3,340m

 Enjoy spectacular views of Biskeri’s pine forests,  majestic mountains, and lush grasslands. From Biskeri, descend steep land with a fence. After passing through a dense forest, you will cross a stream with a campsite on the opposite bank. The twin villages of Pulga and Tulga are separated by a stream, so the road to Pulga village is on the left side of the campsite. From Tulga, cross the bridge over the Parvati River to reach the village of Barshaini. The jeep drives to Kasol’s base and camp and the surpass trek ends.


The best time to visit the Sal Pass Trek is from May to October. This is because the veil of matte is clear and offers an excellent panoramic view. The weather is unsettled from October to December and the route is covered with heavy snow. Therefore, companies usually do not organize hikes at this time of year