The Value Of Press And Newspaper

The newspaper wield a tremendous influence in the modern world.They are powerful machinefor sprading all srts of news and views.T he growth of literacy and the improved  means of communication have played and are still playing a great part in extending the spere of their influence.They bring many advantages for there readers.

First,the newspaper keep us in touch with the world.Without them,we cannot know all the important news of our town or village.They extand the bounds of our knowledge and keep it up-to-date.They contain news for almost all classes of people.

Second,the sports man finds in them news that relates to his own profession. Commercialnews in published for businessmen. lovers of the radio and the cinema can look up in them the daily programme of their entertainment. The advertisements help the advertisers in selling their goods  better and quicker.The employers can easily get suitable hands by advertising in the newspaper.

Third,the newspaper print universities result for the benefit of the student.They can help in the spread of good ideas. They can raise moral tone of their readers.Theu can lead a poweful revolt against all types of tyranny and injustice.Thus we can find that they can do a lot of good.

but they can do a lot of harms also.They are double adged weapon and cut both ways.By publishing false news,they can give wrong news and false informationto the people.By means of inflammatory articles,they can widen the gulf between the various races and nations of the world.